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Chinese Food – What is it All About?

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Chinese Food – What is it All About?

Chinese food is an integral part of Chinese culture and is made up of cuisines originated from China’s many different regions and from Overseas Chinese who have migrated to other parts of the globe. A typical meal in many Chinese homes is a hot bowl of soup containing a variety of vegetables, meats and noodles. Chinese cooking is characterized by its use of ingredients which are inexpensive and easily available.

Soba, which means soup in Chinese, is one of the most popular Chinese soups. It is typically made from beef or pork with buckwheat stalks and mixed with spices, bay leaves, vinegar and chicken broth to create a thick soup. Another popular dish is stir-fried vegetable dishes accompanied by meat and noodles. The noodles are typically of wheat or corn or some derivative and are stir fried with vegetables while the meat is marinated in a variety of sauces, many of which are prepared using vinegar or soy sauce. Other popular Chinese food items include char siu, which is a light brown prawn or fish cake, stir-fried noodles with bean sprouts, and bao, which is a huge dumpling which can either be stuffed or cooked in a pan.

Chinese food also incorporates an extensive use of grains such as millet, soya and barley. A common porridge that is made in China contains half wheat flour, half barley or rice and sometimes other grains as well. Fish is a popular staple of Chinese cuisine and can be used in a variety of dishes, from stir fry to a main course. Unlike western cuisine, Chinese food is not based on a single ingredient such as beef, fish or noodles. It uses a variety of flavors and vegetables to present a balanced meal that will leave most people satisfied.