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A Simple Guide to Chinese Food For a Healthy and Delicious Holiday Dinner

Chinese food is a large part of Chinese tradition and involves cuisines originated from both the Northern and Southern parts of China. As a result, there are dishes from Szechwan, Hunan, and other Chinese regions that are also found in other places of Asia and Europe. The variety of Chinese food can either be sweet or savory depending on your preference. Besides being a main staple of Chinese cuisine, noodles are also found in different types and are a large part of Chinese food. Chinese restaurants serve foods with a lot of noodles such as the famous stir-fried noodles, as well as dissolving noodles in tasty sauces.

The famous stir-fried noodles are made with a variety of ingredients such as white radish, eggplant, mushrooms, and carrot; typically, these noodles are stir fried using a light stock and are very healthy and nutritious. Another famous dish in Chinese cuisine that is both quick to prepare and healthy is dumplings. There are various types of dumplings, the most common ones being the char kway teo, which are fluffy brown pancakes made with chicken or beef and deep-fried; and the chicken rice padd, which is similar to the fluffy white rice that is used in a traditional Chinese dumpling.

One of the most popular Chinese foods that people eat on a daily basis is called the Chinese New Year Festival food, which is consumed in January during the Spring Festival. In Chinese astrology, the new year always occurs in a full moon in the early spring, so this full moon festival is the time of good fortune and prosperity. The dishes served during the festival include fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season and traditional Chinese foods such as fish, meat and noodles. This Chinese food information can be used for both Spring and Fall Festival in Chinese culture, making this a good cookbook to add to your kitchen shelf.