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Chinese Food and Its Cultures

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Chinese Food and Its Cultures

Chinese food can be found in many regions of China, including the Overseas Chinese and different parts of the mainland. It’s important to know the difference between traditional cuisines and modern Americanized Chinese dishes. If you want to learn more about Chinese food and its cultures, read on. This article will cover some of the differences between traditional and modern Chinese cuisine. You’ll also learn more about Chinese cooking techniques. It’s important to try new dishes.

In China, food was centralized under Chairman Mao Zedong’s communist government. Farmers were required to meet quotas and eat less of the fruits and vegetables that they grew. The Chinese people began eating noodles as early as 2000 BC. As part of their diet, they also ate a wide variety of vegetables and proteins. During the Great Leap Forward, which took place in 1958-1961, this goal was achieved.

Dongbei cuisine features vegetables and meats that are served pickled, stewed or cold. It has many ingredients from neighboring North Korea, such as dried Sichuan chillies and dried tangerine peel. The raw materials for Chinese food also vary according to the season. As a result, the cooking style differs. Most dishes are served on communal plates, and the primary utensil is the chopsticks.