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Cooking Chinese Dim Sum on a Dining Table

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Cooking Chinese Dim Sum on a Dining Table

Dim sum, also known as sour soup, is a broad variety of traditional Chinese meals which are usually served during afternoon for lunch and dinner. Dim sum has become one of the most popular food items in China. Most modern dim sum dishes actually originated in Guangzhou in northern China and are now commonly associated with Cantonese cooking. The majority of dim sum recipes were originally developed by Chinese traders who were traveling through the area.

Most of the dim sum recipes use large porcelain-like dumplings or bao (traditional Chinese meal buns). Although the ingredients are generally the same as those used in traditional Chinese meals, dim sum uses smaller porcelain-like dumplings which are much less dense and firm. This allows for a more even steeping of the flavors and ingredients. The steeping of these foods allows them to be seasoned and cooked more quickly. The typical dim sum recipe usually has a variety of vegetables or meat as its main ingredients and a variety of noodles, grains, and sauces as well.

Today dim sum has grown to be very popular both in restaurants and in ordinary homes. It can be found almost anywhere in China and is served both as a main dish and as a dessert. Some dim sum dishes are served with pickles, and some are served just as any other vegetable would be served. There are also dim sum carts which can be found in most parts of China. These carts usually have dim sum made from different types of meats as well as different types of vegetables or fruits which are then steamed or deep fried.