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Foods of Japan and America

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Foods of Japan and America

Asian food culture is very different than that of other cultures. Asian food culture is very diverse, yet very rich one. Food culture in Asia is rich, because Asian countries have a very large Muslim population. In many countries like India and Pakistan, Islam is the largest religion and people follow religious beliefs of this religion when it comes to their diets. In these countries, there is great respect for the traditions of food, especially for the foods that were brought with the people of these countries by the Muslims.

In countries like Peru and China, the staples of their diets include wheat, noodles, vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, rice, and a variety of milks and oils. Asian food culture also includes the country of Japan, which has a very different culture to that of China or India. Japanese people have very different food preferences than Indians or Peruvians. In Japan, people usually eat vegetable sushi, which translates literally to “leftovers”. In China, there are various specific types of noodles such as bao or buckwheat noodles. The Chinese also do not like to eat too much meat, especially beef.

The food of Japan is very different from the Asian food culture of America. Whereas most Asian cultures have their own unique style of noodle dishes, most Japanese eat soba, which means small round rice porridge. Soba is a breakfast dish in Japan and is served after working on a house or around the pool. Inky sushi is also popular in Japan. Inky sushi is made with green sushi maki, which is basically the raw fish or rice that is wrapped in nori, and then covered in a variety of toppings including fish, cheese, and other ingredients.