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Spicy Steamboat Asian Food

steamboat asian food

Spicy Steamboat Asian Food

When you talk about Asian cuisine, steamboat springs to mind. It’s one of the most popular cuisines in all of the United States. Steamboat cuisine is very different from any other type of Asian cuisine that you have probably experienced. One thing you will notice right away is the heavy use of sesame oil. The reason for this is because saffron is a very expensive part of the spice which is why they use it sparingly.

One good example of a mild sweet dish is a soba, which literally means small wooden bowl of rice. Another good one is fortune cookies, also known as “fortunes” cookies-a slightly crunchy, thin-flavored Asian cookie filled with smooth sugar-filled white chocolate chips. While fortune cookies are very popular in steamboat cuisine, saffron is not. Typically saffron is used in very spicy dishes as a flavoring agent. Typically saffron is mixed with ginger and turmeric to give these traditional Southwestern flavors. If you’ve never had steamboat cuisine, I highly recommend trying this flavorful alternative to burgers and fries.

Noodles are a staple in any traditional dish from Asia and steamboat chefs include noodles in their recipes at all times. Often you can find a selection of traditional Chinese-style noodles in the steamboat kitchen when you are dine out. They are usually available in white, brown, or as a special dinner roll which is fried. For a change of pace, try the popular Indian-style “ramen” which is thick wheat noodles that’s filled with a variety of fillings including chicken, beef, and/or vegetables.