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Steamboat Asian Food Review

steamboat asian food

Steamboat Asian Food Review

” 720 Fusion Fresh Asian Cuisine proudly offers Steamboat Springs and all of the surrounding areas the best, high-quality Japanese and Chinese food available on the West Coast. We are humbled by the support that has been shown for us and we would like to extend our sincerest appreciation to each of our customers, both Asian and non-Asian. From our daily selections of Traditional Japanese meals, sushi, sashimi, appetizers and much more, to our mouthwatering featured foods, such as Korean BBQ Ribs and Crab cakes, to our delectable seafood delicacies, including lobster tails, crab legs and tuna melt-in-your-mouth classics, it’s all here.

The ” 720 Fusion” line of restaurants is committed to providing the best Asian cuisine in the Colorado Springs area. The restaurant started in 1997 and has grown rapidly to become one of the premiere dining establishments in the city. The most popular dishes include such gems as the famous Stir-Fried Buddha Balls, Hong Kong Chop Pan, and Thai Peppercorn Chicken. Many of these dishes can be ordered online. They are also available at local restaurants throughout the region.

In addition to its popularity, the restaurants also offers a variety of lunch and dinner options. Of course, no steaming Asian meal would be complete without the traditional side dishes such as rice, salads, tofu, and fried vegetable dishes. Steamboat Asian Food strives to bring the Asian culture to the table in a fun, healthy, and convenient way.