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Types of Asian Cuisine Around the World

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Types of Asian Cuisine Around the World

While there are many different types of Asian foods that are all enjoyed within their own regional boundaries, the most common types of Asian food that people are familiar with include Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, and Thai food. Some of these countries have long been part of the global trade as China, India, and Japan have for centuries traded with each other in goods as varied as textiles, tea, and oranges. Many Asians have become very skilled in the preparation and cooking of foods, which often results in foods that are sought after by restaurants all over the world.

Asian food generally consists of a number of major regional cuisines: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, and Southeast Asian. Each of these cuisines has its own unique characteristics, and it is due to the careful balance and harmony between the different elements that these three cultures find common. A typical cuisine is also a result of a region’s unique culinary traditions and cooking techniques, generally associated with a certain culture. Take, for example, the Chinese culture, which is known for its heavy usage of meat and spices. Here, the spices are used as additives to enhance the flavor and appeal of foods, while the meats are used very sparingly, creating a savory feel to Asian food preparations.

Thai cuisine, also known as “The Golden Triangle”, is perhaps the most recognized and popularly recognized of all the Asian cuisines in the world today. Thai dishes often include ingredients from all around the globe and include such exotic dishes as coconut water, lemongrass, ginger, garlic, and onions. These ingredients are then combined with rice, fish, noodles, vegetables, and a variety of different spices. Because of the extensive use of meat, fish, and other ingredients, Thai food often tends to be on the leaner side, though this is balanced by the addition of generous servings of vegetables. Many of the Thai dishes that are familiar to most people are actually a fusion of many different styles of cuisine, originating in places like Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand.