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Chinese Dim Sum – A Quick and Easy Dish to Prepare

Dim sum is an array of ordinary Chinese dishes which are normally eaten for lunch and dinner. It is usually served together with Chinese fruits like guava or tiger fruit, black beans and beef. However, dim sum can also be prepared as a snack by itself. It is created from wheat flour, corn meal, salt, sugar, and soy sauce.

Chinese dim sum usually contains duck or chicken breast with the meat being mixed with beef stock, salt, corn meal, sugar, and soy sauce. Some well known restaurants from the United Kingdom serve dim sum with egg rolls, prawns, seafood, and vegetables. It is typically eaten on its own or accompanied by some noodles, meats, rice, dumplings, or noodles. Usually, dim sum consists of five main dishes: the bao quai, which is beef or chicken braised in milk and eaten with pickled Chinese cucumbers; the wheat flour soup known as xiandong; the bean stir fried with beans and white pepper; the roasted pork with scallions and ginger; the chicken lollipop with roasted chicken and red cabbage. The variety of recipes and ingredients available to make it very easy to prepare.

Another popular recipe of Chinese dim sum is the soba was, which means bean stir fry. In this dish, steamed rice is first cooked and then steamed noodles with bean curd and oyster sauce. Soon after, steamed rice is served along with dumplings, sesame seeds, and red onions. You may also find a dim sum dumpling recipe from any Chinese restaurant. If you happen to find one in a shopping mall or Chinese supermarket, it is likely to have been prepared using the most traditional methods of preparation.