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Steamboat Springs’ Famous Restaurants

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Steamboat Springs’ Famous Restaurants

If you are looking for Steamboat Springs’ Asian food, look no further than the area around Crest Park. This is the area where Asian-American, Native American, and Pacific Islander cuisine are made in the streets and gardens of Steamboat Springs. It is a melting pot of flavors from around the world that has become one of the hot spots to enjoy Steamboat Springs’ dining scene. In Steamboat Springs itself, some of our best tasting Asian food can be found in the small market area right outside of town square. At this market you will find many fresh seafood and fresh local seafood delicacies. There is also a variety of different Japanese dishes that can be found at this location.

In Steamboat Springs, the Asian restaurants in town have perfected the art of traditional Asian cuisine, taking traditional Chinese cuisine and transforming it into an exquisite dining experience. Whether you love the sesame chicken, dumplings, or poke, restaurants located here have offered three popular restaurants below. The Oriental Rugs is located on Third Avenue between Eighth and ninth streets Steamboat Springs, while Sapphire Moon on Sixth Avenue South ends at the mountain side. Both of these wonderful restaurants serve fabulous steaming cups of Vietnamese/Cantonese inspired fare at affordable prices.

If you have not taken a cooking class in your area, you will want to find a restaurant that can teach you the art of traditional cuisine, while presenting you with the beautiful sights of mountainous Steamboat Springs. In the area of town that houses the Oriental Rugs, you will find several other wonderful restaurants that offer a range of cuisine from Chinese, Korean, Indian, Japanese, and Mediterranean foods. If you are interested in learning more about the cuisine of the seven seas, stop by any of these Steamboat Springs restaurants and find out for yourself. You will surely be back for another visit, once you find the perfect place for you in this exciting town.