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Myths and Rumors About Chinese Food

Chinese food has gained a large popularity all over the globe especially in the Western regions. Food is one of the most loved hobbies and past times of people across the globe. Chinese cuisine is an integral part of Chinese culture which consists of cuisines originated in the different regions of China and from Overseas Chinese that have migrated in different parts of this world. It also forms the significant part of the Chinese heritage.

The interesting thing about Chinese food is that many rumors regarding it are often found to be true or at least part true. For instance the rumors regarding chinese food and the sudden growth of Chinese restaurants in the America is mostly true. According to these rumors, the Chinese people has recently immigrated to America and they have made a big mess in the American kitchens by cooking there anything they can get their hands into. One such rumor is that because of the ‘chronic obesity’ and the ‘dietary woes’ of the Chinese people in America, the Chinese restaurants here have expanded drastically. They can cater to the needs of the wide variety of Chinese people across the country and they serve them with Chinese food.

The famous dishes in the Chinese restaurants in America include the famous Szechwan style chicken, hot dogs and Peking Duck. The Peking Duck is probably the most famous dish of Chinese cooking and the most consumed dish in the USA. The Peking Duck is prepared using the Duck’s tail and it could either be the normal one or tail on chewed or claw. To make it more delicious and appealing to the taste buds, the American chefs add soy sauce and vinegar. To make the Chinese cooking of America even more appealing, Chinese restaurants also prepare some unusual versions of traditional Chinese food.