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The Truth Behind Chinese Food Myths

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The Truth Behind Chinese Food Myths

Chinese food is a very significant part of Chinese culture and has been one of the major influences on American food as well. It is true that Chinese people are considered to be some of the best cooks in the world, and they are constantly experimenting with their cooking styles to come up with more interesting and delicious recipes. Because of this, the number of Chinese restaurants has grown dramatically over the years. Today, there are many Chinese restaurants all around the United States that cater to the needs of every kind of person – no matter what kind of ethnic background they come from.

Because of this growth in the number of Chinese restaurants in the country, Chinese food has become a hotbed for all kinds of rumors, especially regarding the matter of what is being served in these establishments. There have always been rumors about bad things being served in Chinese restaurants, but these rumors have gotten worse due to the increase of the number of Chinese people living in the U.S. and the worsening economy. Nowadays, there are stories surfacing everywhere about how bad Chinese food is and how bad Chinese people are. Some of these stories do not even make any sense, but others are just plain false rumors. One of the most common rumors is that Chinese people use human feces to stock their Chinese restaurants. Although this is absolutely disgusting, it is not true – this is just an urban legend that has been spread due to the low taste quality of Chinese food and the lack of education about this issue in Chinese society.

One of the most common types of rumors that Americans have about Chinese restaurants is that they serve only Peking pork. The truth is that Peking pork is a rare variety of pork, and does not actually come from China. In most cases, Peking pork is either a rare breed of pig or a cross between a Chinese ham and a pig. Some people also believe that Chinese restaurants do not serve beef. In reality, there are now more than 200 restaurants in the US that serve beef.