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Chinese Food – More Popular Than Ever

Chinese food is becoming popular all over the United States and Europe. Chinese food is an integral part of Chinese culture and comprises cuisines originated from both the rich northern areas of China and from Overseas Chinese who are now settling in other regions of the west. Typical Chinese dishes include dishes that feature vegetables as a main ingredient, fish and beef as prime ingredients and milk as a liquid base or cream base. In addition to this there are also dishes that feature fruit as an ingredient, notably apples and pears. Sausages and stir-fries are other typical dishes.

As Chinese restaurants started to appear in the New York area the number of people who decided to dine at Chinese restaurants increased dramatically. It soon became a trend for American restaurant goers to dine at Chinese restaurants instead of the more popular American hamburger or hot dog eateries. The majority of the Chinese restaurants in the United States began to appear in cities with large populations of immigrants from China and other Asian countries. As Chinese food became more popular the Chinese restaurants had to expand and open new outlets in more towns and cities across the United States and Europe.

Today the most popular Chinese restaurants can be found in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Chicago. In the past few years Chinese food restaurants have opened in many European cities including London, Paris, Prague, Warsaw and Bratislava. Unlike the sesame oil filled loaves of breads associated with traditional Chinese cooking the contemporary versions are crisp, fresh-tasting breads made from wheat flour and yeast, and are prepared using modern techniques including deep frying. The breads can also be filled with vegetables or meat. Chinese restaurants have also begun to offer vegetarian options and gluten-free dishes in response to growing demands for healthier, alternative choices in the Chinese community.